Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tyson = Official Science Fiction Fan

If the article published in Friday's edition of the Salt Lake Tribune has any truth to it, I should be reading the Eldest (right now) instead of antitrust regulations and rules of construction as they relate to assignment of claims. But reporters will be reporters (as I too was once):

Tyson Snow has waited for three years to find out the fate of his favorite dragon rider, Eragon.

The 30-year-old lawyer reads the fantasy series as a lighthearted escape from days spent reading contracts and regulations.

"Books such as this have brought reading science fiction and fantasy from the fringe into the mainstream," said Snow, who lives in Sandy. "That's a good thing because it provides creativity and the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a good story as a way of escaping the mundane and difficult things each of us faces every day."

Sci-fi fans eager for release of Paolini's latest, Brisingr [Credit: The Salt Lake Tribune]

Bring on Brisingr!

Monday, September 08, 2008

BYU 28, Washington 27 (Penalty? I Don't Remember Any Penalty!)

Let the pictures begin. For all of the "select" pictures (meaning pictures where I don't look completely stupid), you can link here (or you can watch the slideshow at the bottom of this post repeatedly):

From 080903-07 Seattle
Me, Chad, and Amy at the Yankees v. Mariners game. Don't ask why Amy is so blurry. I don't have an answer.

From 080903-07 Seattle
Me, Sara, Nick (Sara's brother), and Jyllian (Nick's wife) at the same game.

From 080903-07 Seattle
Now that's a line up. I guess Ichiro is pretty good too.

From 080903-07 Seattle
Amy and Chad with their gangsta pose on top of the Space Needle.

From 080903-07 Seattle
Me with my imitation gangsta pose at Pike's Market.

From 080903-07 Seattle
The Hoopes enjoying some football.

From 080903-07 Seattle

From 080903-07 Seattle
Safeco. The second night.

From 080903-07 Seattle
Safeco. The second night again (but this time with Nick's "Can You Smell What the Rock is Cooking?" pose).

From 080903-07 Seattle
Everybody rollin' on the train.

From 080903-07 Seattle
Can you tell who the old guy is?

Okay, seriously, you need to just visit the link and check out all the pictures. We had such a fun time. So go check it out now:

Congrats to Tamara...

I saw the pictures earlier, but the official email just made its way to my work inbox:
My baby is here! Just wanted to send along some photos so you could see her! Her name is Elizabeth Rose Braun, born August 19 at 7 lbs, 13 oz and 20 3/4 inches long. We happen to think she's pretty cute and we couldn't be happier that she's here. We'd love to hear from you!
Welcome to motherhood.

For those of you who are waiting for an update about the trip to Washington and the ridiculously awesome and triumphant victory of BYU over the Huskies, don't worry, pictures and summaries will be posted as soon as I stop billing for the time I missed while actually on vacation...

Monday, September 01, 2008

Browser Wars: Google Enters the Fray

Leave it to Google to take all the excitement out of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. With the slip of a mouse click, Google published a comic touting its new "Chrome" browser and the world (as well as the GOOG stock price) will never be the same. The browser comes out tomorrow; I'm interested, excited, and skeptical. I am, after all, a true browser snob. I've been from Netscape to IE6 to Firefox 2 to Maxthon 2.0 to IE7 back to Maxthon 2.0 to Firefox 3 (to IE8 Beta 2). I'll let you know my feelings on having my Internet experienced "chromed" out (pun intended). It's official:
Visit to download and start exploring. (For the moment, it's available only for Windows users, but you can sign up on the download page to learn when the Mac and Linux versions are available.)