Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brandon Mull / Fablehaven - Officially Arrived!

If you haven't read the Fablehaven books yet, you really need to. Sara read the latest (and last) installment in a matter of days. I think that my oldest nephew (Josh) read it faster than Sara did and I'm guessing that Mel is right on pace too. We can offer up all sorts of anecdotal proof about the quality of Brandon Mull's writing and the Fablehaven series. But I'm here to give it to you objectively. Rock solid proof that Brandon Mull and his Fablehaven books have arrived and are legit contenders in the Teen Fiction genre. Here is a screen-grab from Amazon (just taken):

Holy freaking crap! Brandon Mull broke the stranglehold that Stephanie Meyer has had on the Top-5 for the last (what seems like) five years! That's right. He knocked another "version" of Breaking Dawn down into the sixth spot. Of course, Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight "Saga" still own ten spots in the top 15. But that is some pretty impressive company no? Way to go Brandon! You are awesome!

The fact that Stephanie Meyer still owns the all those top spots so many years after releasing her last book is kind of sad. And, as Sara just said, why do we give J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter so much credit for reinvigorating reading in our society? Stephanie Meyer, Bella, and Cedric Diggory have done much more to encourage reading (and somewhat frightening vampire romance fantasies). One of these days, someone will unseat Ms. Meyer. It will be a sad day. If vampires died, I'm sure they would be turning in their graves. Until that time.

Go Brandon Mull!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Who Says Twitter Is a Waste of Time

From the Tennessee Bar Journal:

Twitter is a terrific source of information about the law, especially breaking news. But like any other type of research, you must look in the right place to be efficient. The best way to stay informed is to follow others — Twitter calls these your “friends” — who can scour the Internet for you. Twitterers such as Attorney Tyson Snow[3] comb the Internet for breaking news. Snow and others like him provide a wealth of information on the state of the law. For example, he regularly links to articles of considerable importance for employment lawyers. Another Twitter user, @LexMonitor,[4] provides a veritable smorgasbord of legal news. Whatever your palate prefers, chances are that someone is tweeting about it.

My thanks to @timothyperkins for writing the article and including me as an example of effective Twitter use. All the people who follow me may not agree but I'm glad that at least some of the information I send around is deemed relevant. Here are full versions of the article. You should check them out: