Monday, September 28, 2009

Boy's Wedding - Nephew's Edition

So... You see... My brother ("Boy") is married. Shocker. I know. Congratulations Boy (and my apologies and best wishes to Jordann -- and her family lol). I'm kidding of course (mostly). Anyway, I think that Sara and I took as many pictures as the photographer. Of course, when I take pictures, I usually just run up to the "subject" and snap the pic while they aren't looking. It has some interesting results. We will be posting various editions of the photos we took. Let's start with the Nephew's Edition:

When I have this many pictures, I prefer the auto-play album that scrolls through the pictures. You can just click on the picture or the links to open the whole album (so you can give adequate attention to each picture). Notice all the shocked faces and surprised looks that resulted from me jumping in front of people with a camera flashing.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Here Come the Highlights #2

This highlight video was actually up well before the one I linked to below. It is longer (a little less than nine minutes) but is in HD (if you follow the link -- the embedded version is not in HD) and has great audio from the game. Other bonuses:
  • Max Hall chanting "we're going to win, we're going to win" as the team heads into the locker room at half (3:27 in the video)
  • Pitta running one of the sickest routes you will ever see a TE run, on 3rd and 10 mind you (5:08 in the video)
  • Great coaching by Bronco Mendenhall having two plays already called so that the team could get the fourth-down play off and running quickly, which led to an easy conversion (5:48 in the video)
  • Sam Bradford, your Heisman Trophy winner (6:27 in the video)

BYU vs OU from Brandon Orton on Vimeo.

The only thing missing was the classic line from the announcers that Max Hall was saying "whatever it is they say in Provo." Good work on the video. I hope (and am sure) that many more are on their way.

Here Come the Highlights...

When one of BYU's biggest football wins ever gets mixed with some Linkin Park and then put into slo-mo, well, it demands to be seen:

BYU vs OU from James B Ellison on Vimeo.

Great compilation. It isn't mine so no credit goes to me. I encourage you to forward the link onto friends and family. I feel a duty to spread the joy and love of BYU Football (along with the added side-benefit of giving props to an excellent Linkin Park song). So get to it already...

Monday, September 07, 2009

One Game; Two Numbers; Endless Possibilities...

LOL... It sounds like I came up with the team slogan for this year. All I can say is that:


never looked so good. Congratulations to the Cougars. It was a great weekend for sports in our house. Utah trounced Utah State, which made Sara happy. Boise State stomped Oregon, which made everyone in the entire world happy (note to Oregon: your uniforms are still ugly). The U.S. Men's National Team beat El Salvador and essentially locked up a spot in the World Cup 2010. And then, of course, the improbable victory over what was supposed to be an excellent Oklahoma team. it almost makes all those bad sports weekends seem worth it.

And yes, we watched the game after we got home from the Jon Schmidt concert at Thanksgiving Point. I would have watched the U.S. Men's National game (played here in Sandy at Rio Tinto Stadium) but the DVR didn't record it right. Oh well, it was pretty late by the time we finished watching the BYU (and replaying all the important plays over and over).

I'm starting to think that I am jinxed. We were in Korea for the Miami game (which BYU won) and I was at a concert during the now infamous (but badly played) Oklahoma game. I didn't attend or watch either of them live. I guess the exception to the jinx rule would be the 1996 team (I was at the Texas A&M game and the Cotton Bowl when BYU beat 5th ranked Kansas St.)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Go Cougars...

Ahhh... College football is upon us. Enjoy the ride everyone (and go U.S. Mens National Team in a World Cup Qualifier against El Salvador tonight at Rio Tinto Stadium here in Sandy, Utah).

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

You Are Working Too Hard When...

We were quietly at church last Sunday. We were fasting so rather than engaging in my typical practice of "borrowing" and eating snacks and treats from the little kids that sit around us (and more particularly Seth and his parents, Chad and Melanie who are nice enough to let us sit with them), I was simply "borrowing" the snacks and putting them in my pocket to eat later. Suddenly, Seth got a glimpse of my right hand, which proudly presented three Band-aids to all onlookers. Seth's glance went from the Band-aids to me and back to the Band-aids. A slight grin came across his face and he started to chuckle as he loudly proclaimed, "Whoa, you have too many band-aids!!!"

Everyone laughed. Especially Sara. But I was proud. When a three-year-old who is as adventurous and crazy as Seth tells you that you have too many Band-aids, you pretty much know that you've had an excellent weekend. More Band-aids = More respect (or at least that is how it should be).