Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jet's Wedding

Here are some select pictures from Jet's Wedding at the L.A. Temple and her luncheon at Mariasol Cocina, a Mexican restaurant at the very end of the Santa Monica Pier. We had a great time. Sara and I took a ton of pictures (somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 -- apparently we love the Canon XSi). These are some of my favorites.

Me and Dad playing missionary.

Sara and I outside the L.A. Temple

The lone palm tree

Sara and her L.A.-movie-star-style sunglasses

Me and my parents (and my mom proudly holding the marriage certificate lol)

The best side of my cousin Jeff and his wife Stephanie

The whole crew, Susan, Mom, Dad, Sara, Keith, Jeff, Stephanie

Yo. Dad.

Mom and Keith

Me doing a Sprite Commercial

I guess I should include at least one picture of Jet and Pat

Artsy No?

Obligatory formal parents' shot

Best. Shot. Of. The. Day.


Sara and Jet. Notice how Sara coordinated her dress to match Jet's hair and vice-versa

The second cutest couple of the day

Santa Monica Pier - this is where we had the luncheon

We were at a Mexican restaurant - I wanted to throw beans and rice

Second. Best. Shot. Of. The. Day.

Best family shot. Jeff. Jet. Mom. Dad. Sara. Me. Keith. Susan. Quite the crew.

Two happy parents. One happy girl

Good times were had by all. I doubt I will ever attend a wedding luncheon at the end of the Santa Monica Pier again. If I do, I hope it will be as fun as the one yesterday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jazz / Lakers - C.J. Miles versus Derek Fisher

So, the Lakers worked the Jazz. There were a couple of heart breaking losses and a couple of blowouts. It was an extremely painful series. The only good thing about the Lakers is that our mutual hatred (and by "our", I mean everybody in Utah) unites BYU and Utah fans when football and basketball seasons are over. As depressing as the series was, we can all smile about one play:

That block was ridiculous. I was at the game, about five rows from the top, almost directly behind that basket. Even from there, the block made me feel bad for Fish. Talk about getting owned. I could watch it all day. And given how things turned out, I will get to watch it all off-season. I take solace in the fact that the little things in life are responsible for bringing the most joy. Thank you C.J. Miles.