Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sara is the Best and the Bestest Ever...

The reasons are too numerous to list, so I'll give you 2000 words (plus a couple extra via captions):

Can't beat the Slurpee and the Subaru WRX STI. And there are several additional "features" we plan on adding over the future.

I apologize for the screen but I doubt Sara would have wanted be to take a picture of her mowing the lawn. Seriously though, she mows it all the. It is the best!

Greatest wife ever. I know there are some other good candidates, but no one really stacks up. Good try by everyone else though. Keep up the good work. Between road-tripping, to rocking out while racing Evo9s in our STI, and our mutual love for sweet-potato fries, the combination clearly was intended from the outset.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter

We went to the new Harry Potter movie with Tyson's family last night - (all of his siblings were there - Melissa, Brant, Jet, as well as Tyson's mom, Cindy, and two of his nephews - Josh and Hyrum, and Brant's fiance Jordann). Totally fun!

Fun times with old roommates ....

The roommates aren't actually old (they aren't 80 years old or anything) - they are just my FoRmEr roommates. I just took a really fun (although short) roadtrip with Heidi and her little boy Pona, who is so darn cute that unless he is in a shirt that says "hey, I'm a boy" gets all sorts of "oh how pretty" comments thrown his way. Seriously, though, he is a little sumo wrestler and was a champ for all of the driving and hanging out.

We drove to Colorado to visit another old/former roommate - Alicia and her hubby Mike and baby Roman. Roman, a little older than Pona, is a little greek god with tons of teeth and had the one-up on baby Pona 'cause he could crawl (and was more adept at biting). I miss my roommates! Oh the fun times we had!

Here are more pics (did I mention that we spent a day at a lake - playing in the water, on the boat, and wave runner ... and eating lots of great food):